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The Nutcracker 3-piece bundle features Jubilee Sweatshirt, Gita Joggers, & Tete Wrist Warmers. The Jubliee Sweatshirt and Gita Joggers feature deadstock denim and tge Tete Wristwarmers feature upcycled wool sweater. Each set is unique and makes being sustainable stylish and fun. Savings of $124 in this bundle! 

About this Piece
*You will receive an exact top and bottom, and assorted matching wristwamers based on the colour you selected
*This set includes the Jubilee Sweatshirt, Gita Joggers and Tete Wristwarmers
*All pieces include upcycled materials, and will not be identical to those photographed

Bundles are final sale, no returns or exchanges.