July 20, 2021 3 min read

Revisiting the decades through fashion is so interesting, every decade has its own calling card! We’re revisiting trends from the flower power 70s, the conservative 80s, grungy 90s and the fashion decade that makes us ALL cringe, the 2000s. Here’s how your can wear those trends.


The era of floral prints, wide legged denim, big sunglasses. We had the original Charlie’s Angels, Diana Ross disco, Farah Fawcett hair, and Jane Birkin. Would love a Birkin, but I rather have a house, because they cost the same.

To pull together a 70’s meets today, try a wide- leg denim, the ones pictured below are from H & M. My look is original Charlie’s Angels with my bell bottoms, platform heels, a disco collar and of course, a bag because as an Angel you need a bag for your weapons. The key for the look is the bell-bottoms, and since we are now anti-skinny jean, it’s easy to find!  I’m wearing wide leg denim jeans, paired with a simple black blouse and a floral neck scarf.


Now onto the decade of the shoulder pad, the 80s. It was a time of John Hughes films, Oprah was just getting her start, and Reagan was the President. This was a very conservative age, Family Ties was the biggest show during the 80s and that says a lot. It was also the second wave of feminism, Working Girls was released in 88, and we saw strong shoulders in all the women’s workwear.

That’s my calling card for this look, a strong shoulder. I’m wearing a sweatshirt with shoulder pads from H & M which is so on trend. I paired with the Tada Biker shorts from preloved and a thrifted power blazer, very Princess Diana! Finish the look off with some current Stan-Smith style sneakers.


Now in the 90s, it was a big pendulum swing from the conservative 80s. Grunge was the look, floral came back, plaid was huge, and we can’t forget those chunky military boots. It was like, the uglier, the dirtier, the better! This was the decade of Friends, we were obsessed with anything Rachel wore, and god she did 90s SO well.

For my 90’s look,  I’m wearing a slip floral print dress from Marshalls. The floral with a black backdrop gives that grunge vibe,  SO 90’s but so today, and a nod to plaid with this shirt tied at the waist. Of course I can’t forget my chunky combat boots. These boots are made from recycled materials, I got them at H&M last year.


The 2000s were a rough time for fashion, but you know what—everyone was having fun! This was the decade where reality tv was getting started, we saw the impact of paparazzi photos, and social media got its start, Myspace anyone? Trend wise, we saw a lot of low-rise jeans, coordinated outfits, textured fuzzy and popcorn shirts were huge!

Believe it or not, everything I’m wearing for this look is current, except these low-rise jeans that I thrifted. I think they may be from 2002!! I’ve got the shrunken fuzzy sweater, and I’ve paired it with a bright blazer from Winners- keeping it fun but also making this look wearable. Finish this look off with a bright-coloured mini bag!