June 12, 2020 3 min read


 1. Bar Soap : A simple way to reduce waste, which may seem basic - but with bar soaps that are used to little slivers, you can simply attach and stick them onto your new bar of soap. You can also make new soap from old soap.  Just keep all the little bars, and melt them down in a pot, then pour it into muffin tins, to create a new one! You can also put your little bars of soap and put them in your garden. - it will help keep animals and pests away.

2. Tea Bags: You can most definitely get a ‘spot on’ cup of tea twice from one bag.You can use a tea bag to get rid of styes (in the eye). Just soak the tea bag in a mug, as you would if you were making a cup of tea…. then when it’s not too hot to touch, ring our excess water and place the warm tea bag on your eye. It will relieve that pressure from the Stye. You can also freeze your tea bags and use them as eye masks…SO soothing.

3. Toilet Paper Rolls: Use them to store cords, and you can use them for gift wrapping. They can also be used for planting, use them for seedlings. The paper will biodegrade. You can also find creative ways to organize things in your closet like scarves!

4. Dryer Sheets: You can reuse these at least 4 times or why not cut them into 4 smaller sheets?

5. Tennis Balls: Did you know if you throw 2 or 3 tennis balls in the dryer with your load, it will help dry the clothes faster, so you are not using as much energy and they will also help with static as well.  We are a big tennis family and go through so many of these on the court.

6. Boxes: Using a cardboard box for a garden, this is great for a couple of reasons, #1 if you have more than 1 little garden in your home, it can get expensive buying all the pots - just give them all a box, soil and they are off to the races. The other reason the box works is because, you can keep it in side or on your patio, but when you are ready, you can can just plant the entire box into the ground…it will biodegrade. 

7. Food Scraps: When you have finished with lettuce, or celery, you can place them in water in a cut or jar and they will start to re grow. Then you can plant them in your cardboard box, then plant them in the ground.

8. Mesh Bags: You find these when you buy onions or garlic - you can reuse these as pot scrubbers! Just twist it around your hand and you have a brand new pot scrubber!

9. Egg Cartons:  One that I used to do with my guys when they were little is rip them apart, and give one to each kid to colour and decorate ,while I was making breakfast. Then after they eat the egg, the holder and the shell go into the compost.

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