October 07, 2020 1 min read


One of the biggest trends for 2020 is the cropped blazer and I am going to show you how easily you can make one, with a second-hand blazer! Now you can use any type of blazer for this: double breasted, single breasted, oversized or fitted.

  1. Measure the cut mark from shoulder down. A great starting point is between 19-20 inches…you can make it longer or shorter, really whatever you are feeling. But measure from the shoulder down 19 inches and put in a pin. Then use your tape measure to make a line across the jacket and put in a pin on the other end, then you just have to cut straight across. And you want to cut all layers at the same time!
  2. Make sure to line up the bottom and cut through all layers
  3. Hem 1” across inside of jacket
  • Turn your jacket inside out and fold up the hem about 1 inch. Now start to pin all the way acrossPress the hem down with iron
  • Once it's all pinned, iron to press down the hem
     4. Glue BOTH layers all across
  • Now grab your fabric glue and start gluing the hem. Now there are two layers here, the lining and the wool. So, make sure you glue both layers and keep going across for a clean finish,