My Preloved Custom Mitts

eggshell mix
grey mix

We are proud to launch our first customization program. Send us what you love, and we'll make it into preloved!

Together we can save the planet one sweatshirt at a time. Help us divert textiles from the landfill by reducing fabric waste and giving your loved pieces a second meaningful life! 

Our best preloved Mitts are made with 16oz Fleece. Featuring your piece on the front heart design and in the palms of the mittens. 

Your unique Mitts along with everything we make is proudly and sustainably made in Canada. 


1. Select your colour & size
With this listing, select your colour and size. Proceed to add it to your cart and checkout. Make note of your order number.

2. Select your pieces
Send us your single loved piece, curated and chosen to be part of your custom Ariel Mitts. We are currently accepting your loved sweaters, denim, and sweatshirts. 

3. Send us your items
Place your selected items into an shipping envelope or box and send it us at Preloved HQ, 138 Nugget Ave. Scarborough, Ontario M1S 3A7. Include your order number and name on a piece of paper, or print our your order confirmation and include it in your package.

4. Let the magic happen
Our expert team of designers, cutters, and seamstresses will create your custom mitts to perfection!

Just like that within 3-4 weeks you'll get your very own custom Mitts. We will send you your new mitts by mail. One of a kind, and personalized just for you! 
For any questions, please contact us at